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Saving money and saving water is your major concern

as a residential pool owner.

Water losses of 1-2 inches in a residential pool may

equate to hundreds of gallon of water.

Water that is costing you money.

To determine your water losses please see below

our free advice on “The Bucket Test”.

We utilize our Electronic Leak Detection equipment to pinpoint leaks under concrete deck or soil and we are accurate to within 12 inches. There is no guesswork about where to make repairs. We also Scuba dive your Pool and inspect every square inch of all surfaces touched by the water to find structural leaking problems.

Call our office for a free estimate.

 If you are losing more than 1/8th inch a day in your pool you have a leak.

Our detection fee does not include repairs. However, repairs can be as little as $25 dollars.

Structural leaks (i.e. in walls, steps etc.) can normally be made the same day & your pool up & operational within 6-8 hours.

If you have experienced a sudden drop of water & continual large losses of water on a daily basis the chances are good that Pipe(s) may be broken underneath the pool deck.

This is a serious and if left unchecked may erode soil from under the deck causing eventual collapse of the deck.

It is imperative that you handle this type of problem as soon as possible by calling us to locate and repair the problem.

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“The Bucket Test”

This is the way to test if you’re losing water in a Pool/Spa/Fountain.

Place a 5-Gal. Bucket with a rock in it on the top step or seat.

Fill it with Water to the same level as the Pool/Spa/Fountain.

Wait 4- 5 days to see if the levels have evaporated the same in the bucket as in the Pool/Spa/Fountain.

If water level is within 1/8th chances are you have no leak, if water level difference is greater than ½ inch. You definitely have a leak.


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